Love is the one whom I AM sent to thee.  For the Lamb of God is the Word of God.  For Jesus Christ is the love of I AM.  For the love portrayed by the one I AM sent to thee is I AM, whom is the love.  For the blood shed by the Lamb is the love that is for thee.  For the love that was given and will be given, is the love that will be for Eternity.  For this love, has been from the beginning of the life that was given to thee and will be the love shown to thee in the end of thee.  For to show this love to the one whom gave the love to thee is needed, for this love to be for Eternity, I say Eternity.  For without love, no light will be for thee.  For with love, all will be for thee.  For love is of the one whom is love and the one whom created love.  For love is the foundation of what gives life to all.  For without love of the light, I say nothing, I say nothing would be without the love of I AM.  How can the one whom gave life, not give the greatness of his love to thee?  For the Word of God was sent to thee and for the short time he was of the flesh and the living image of I AM, he was rejected by man. The image of the man that was sent to thee, was of the one who is the light of all light.  For I say, he is I AM and he left the Holy Spirit of I AM with thee. For to have a Spirit from I AM, is the life in the flesh.  To have life in the spirit with the light of light will be a life that one of flesh cannot see with the mind given.  For the light of this light is what gives light, gives warmth, gives life to thee.  For this light is the eye of the light of all light, that will light the Throne of Heaven.  For the mere eye of my love is just enough light to give life to the place in which you have been given.  For the light that will light the Heavens is of an abundance the mind cannot fathom.  For the past generation saw the light of my love with my Son and whom is the Word of I AM. For this generation, will see the wrath of the Lamb of God whom was slain for thee and the ones without the love of light and the seal of the Holy Spirit, one will never see the light of my light which is love and will never ever see the light of day, all of their days.  For the time is coming that the light will bring forth the Lamb of God whom is love and all will see the love of my light of the light and all will know that my light is and was what was needed for eternity.  For when one sees the light of light of love, it will be too late to be redeemed by the Son of God whom is now the Lamb of God and is now the Wrath of I AM.  Love is the greatest of the creator, for without Love there is nothing.  Love is what has been from the beginning of life of thee and will be the love in thee and the love of the end of thee.  For thus saith the Lord. (1 Corinthians 13:13 NIV)