To have hope is to believe in the Spirit that is given to thee. For this Spirit of hope that lives inside the vessel given to thee, knows the love of I AM. To obtain this hope, that is and will always be, is of the heart that knows that hope, is that of the Spirit within, which it came from I AM. For to understand hope is to understand the meaning behind the truth of hope. To hope for truth, is to love the truth in which it came from. For the Hope that was, the hope that is and the hope that will be, is of I AM. For to have hope is to have life with the invisible God, is hope. For this power is hope, this power is love, this power is life, this power is light of the One True Spirit that gives hope to thee. For with hope, all things are possible and having hope will be given, to the ones whom trust in the one that is the light of hope and the light of life. For the light, the life and the love, is hope. One must find hope for eternity to be given by the one whom grants eternity to thee, for with the seal of the Holy Spirit, whom is hope of all, that is the Spirit of the Living God and the entity whom gave all hope, is the notion of believing in and having hope in God, to bring the request and prayers of ones’ spirit. For finding this, is the hope that is needed for eternity, I say eternity. Hope is knowing in one’s spirit to believe in Jesus Christ.  (1 Corinthians 13:13 NIV)