For the baptism of water is needed to cleanse the Spirit of sins as John the Baptist did to the Son of Man, for Jesus was sinless but when baptized by John, the Holy Spirit descended like a dove and remained. I the Lord will give you a New Heart and put a New Spirit in you. (Matthew 3:13-17 NIV)     (Ezekiel 36:26 NIV).
1. (Romans 10:9 NIV) Salvation
2. (John 3:5 NIV) Baptism of Water and the Spirit
3. (Luke 3:16 NIV) Baptism of Jesus
To be born of flesh is flesh which is the first birth that is given to man and woman in which creation was formed. For is it not two that become one and form one? I say this with integrity and firmness, that all flesh, must be born again before one of you will ever enter into my Kingdom. For this is the birth of the new and the old is no more. For once the new is in thee, you will know the one whom you came from. For is it not the spirit within that allows one to speak to the spirit of creation of all? For without the rebirth of the spirit and the cleansing of the heart and Spirit, no one, I say no one will ever enter into my Kingdom. For once born again, thee internal spirit will know, as will the Spirit in which it came from. For this needs to occur when one is of a conscious mind and of understanding. For one to understand is; to be able to acknowledge right from wrong. For one to have this understanding one must acknowledge that God is God and Jesus Christ the Son of God died for thee. For salvation is given to all whom confess with the words of one’s mouth and are cleansed of all sins with the washing of the spirit that consumes thee from the conception of life in the womb. For the conception is the beginning of Life is it not? One’s life never ends, I say this with assertiveness, that life as you know it, never ends, it is the notion of where the life given leads the spirit with the choice it makes with the breath given and the words of one’s mouth to portray the truth of the freewill of its Spirit to the Spirit it which it came from. For the Blood of the Lamb washes the sins from the heart when asked, the water washes the sins from the Spirit with obedience to the One True Spirit it came from and the Word of God and the Advocate that has been left for thee.